Create a contactless QR menu online

Get a stylish menu with a 30% reduction in cost and a 20-40% increase in sales

  • Quick menu editing

  • `

    No needs to download the application

  • Feedback collecting and quick problem-solving

Common problems that restaurants face

Quarantine caused significant damage

Establishment revenue dropped by 50%, expenses and taxes remained the same, hence operating expenses need to be cut down

PDF-menu is not enough

Long loading, makes it tiny for phone screens to choose the dishes thus causing the guests to be dissatisfied, and the average check drops

Ensure the safety of guests and staff

Printed menus are high risks for your guests and team

Third-party services take up all the profit

High commission from applications and aggregators causing slowing the business development

Safe QR menu solution for present concerns

Profiting better by ensuring the safety of guests, selling through the visually appealing menu thus increasing the loyalty and reducing the staff cost
Service payments to be processed upon subscription and recoup in the first month several times from 98% of Choice clients.

What makes Choice advantageous to you?

Besides ensuring the maximum safety for your guests and staff, easy access to the menu and online ordering through the menu
QR menu facilitates the management and reduces expenses

No need to reprint the menu for merely price or item changes - edit your menu in real-time

20-40% increase in sales and average check

The interactive menu is a mini-application of your establishment, providing every position brightly and appealingly: images, descriptions, recommendations, prices, and once the guests view the menu, they tend to order more

No spending on developing your own website

Save on the application and website development by getting a solution for only $10 per month

No commissions charged for service

Making monthly payments for the service as a Netflix or Internet subscription. There's no commission for orders or requests, you keep all the profit

No need to download applications for comfortable use

Having scanned a QR code, the guests are redirected to the online menu page to view the dishes through the mobile internet

Auto-translation of the menu in 99 languages

Auto-translation is available in 99 languages within a few clicks, allowing foreign guests to view the menu, and you getting a higher check with good feedbacks

QR menu matches up to your brand and design of the establishment

User-friendly settings to make the menu look creative and stylish along with links to your social networks


More grow opportunities for your business

Table ordering
Guests order directly from the menu, as in the delivery service, thus spending less time waiting and more time making extra orders. It reduces operating costs by 25-30% ( according to the statistic of 300+ establishment in Choice)
Deliveries and takeaways from the establishment
Turn your QR menu into a full-fledged site for making delivery orders lest you pay 30-50% to the aggregators and independently promote your establishment
Feedback from your guests
Guests leave feedbacks through the menu, and you'll be the first to receive them rectifying unpleasant situation and ensuring a high rating
Here's what we'll do for you. The full-package service!

Allow us to fill out the items, upload images, create the design of QR codes, and provide training on using the personal account

Perfect for hotels, cafes, and restaurants

Saferoom service

The QR code is to be placed in the rooms so the guests would quickly and conveniently make an order of any dishes, drinks, services. The workload of the employees goes down while the average check of the guests goes up

Convenient menu for the bar, lobby, restaurant

Access to the current and stylish menu is easy without additional apps, and customer loyalty is growing, re-sales and recommendations increasing

More guest feedback

Receiving feedback directly from the QR menu you can instantly react to the negative experiences, rectify the situation, turning a disgruntled client into the admirer of his brand

How does it work?

Switching to QR menu Choice takes less than a week
Step 1

Just leave a request on the website, you'll be contacted by our account manager and have the menu created

Step 2

Get access to your personal account and QR codes

Step 3

Set up QR codes in your establishment

Step 4

The guests start immediately using a contactless, safe, convenient, and visually appealing menu

Choice solutions

Advanced online menuTable orderingDeliveries and takeaways
PDF Menu
Online menu with photos and dish descriptions
The design and colors of your establishment
The guests will be able to leave their feedback straight from the menu
Multilingual menu in 99 languages
Self-order to the table for guests
Accepting orders for delivery and takeaway
Application for waiters \ taking orders
Integration with other applications
Online menu editing
Trial version14 days14 days14 days
Filling in the menu and designing QR codesfree, if paid for 2 monthsno fees, upon payment for 2 monthsno fees, upon purchasing delivery for 2 months
10$ / monthfrom 20$ / month20$ / month
Advanced online menu
per month
  • PDF Menu

  • Online menu with photos and dish descriptions

  • The design and colors of your establishment

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Table ordering
from 20$
per month
  • PDF Menu

  • Online menu with photos and dish descriptions

  • The design and colors of your establishment

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Deliveries and takeaways
per month
  • PDF Menu

  • Online menu with photos and dish descriptions

  • The design and colors of your establishment

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Discount up to 25% on one-time time payment for 6-12 months.

More than 3,000 restaurants and hotels have already raised their profits with the secure QR Choice menu